Fake Pot Detector is an effective workplace drug testing or screening tool that is used for detecting synthetic marijuana which is hard to identify with traditional drug tests. It is a fact that a lot of drug screening methods today are just testing for the old metabolites, which greatly requires the need of some updates. As a result, some people who undergo routine drug screening in the workplace, such as military personnel, hospital workers, office staff and other types of employees, could also be using synthetic marijuana without getting caught - and this is where Fake Pot Detector becomes very useful.

By definition, drug screening refers to a procedure that determines if a certain individual has been using a particular drug through his specimen, such as blood and urine. A lot of people are subject to drug tests, and this includes potential new hires, employees who are being suspected of substance/drug abuse, employees in safety-intensive industries or positions, employees subject to random testing, individuals who are involved in car accidents, athletes, as well as friends and family members. The use of synthetic marijuana (or 'fake pot') is rampant these days, and these are substances that cannot be easily detected through conventional drug screening.

Technically known as cannabinoid research chemicals, synthetic marijuana is a designer drug which mimics the effects of cannabis. There are various psychoactive artificial cannabinoid families (for example, AM-xxx, HU-xxx, JWH-xxx, and CP xx) which are utilized as designer drugs sprayed on herbs and then sold under genericized brands/trademarks used for synthetic cannabis product. These synthetic drugs does not cause a positive drug test for cannabis using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) screening, immunological screening procedures, and multi-target screening through Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) screening.

With an updated method of performing validity testing for marijuana intake, Fake Pot Detector is an effective and reliable tool that takes pot detection to a higher level by unmasking synthetic cannabis. The creators of this tool has taken on the challenge of testing for products that consist of synthetic cannabinoid chemicals or metabolites. Initially offering testing for only a few synthetic cannabinoids in suspected drug materials, they have added new compounds as they appeared on illegal markets.

Currently, Fake Pot Detector is successful in detecting the following cannabinoid chemicals through blood and urine testing:

  • RCS-4
  • RCS-8
  • UR-144
  • XLR-11
  • A-796260
  • AM-1248
  • AM-2201
  • AM-2233
  • AM-694
  • JWH-018
  • JWH-019
  • JWH-022
  • JWH-018 5-chloropentyl
  • JWH-200
  • JWH-203
  • JWH-210
  • JWH-250
  • JWH-073
  • JWH-081
  • JWH-122